The BATCH A SDGs CDS Group kabba, held their monthly sensitization at the Christ Anglican Secondary School Kabba on the 25th November 2016.

Members of the SDGs CDS group kabba

The group led by the coordinator corper Ajewole Oluwafemi carried out the sensitization which was centered on Goals 3 and 4 of the sustainable development goals. The goal of the program was to educate the young people on the importance of education and to encourage the young ones to get involved in making ways for themselves.

The objectives of the sensitization among others are;

  • To give young people a clearer understanding of their roles as students.
  • To encourage young people to be interested in research and being literate.
  • To encourage the teachers to be positive in their attitudes towards the students and help form their life.
  • To encourage cleanliness and good living and avoidance of diseases and treatment of diseases as quickly as they are discovered.


Goal 3 of the SDGs

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all ages is essential to sustainable development. Significant strides have been made in increasing life expectancy and reducing some common killers associated with child and maternal mortality. Major progress has been made on increasing access to clean water and sanitation, reducing malaria, tuberculosis, polio and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

However there is need to maintain one’s self from disease that can penetrate the skin. Basically, young people have to understand that there are consequences to their inability to take care of themselves and their environments. 

  • The students in kabba needed to be educated on the need to take care of themselves by observing good grooming.
  • The students needed to be educated on the need to take care of their environment to avoid spread of diseases.
  • The teachers needed to be reminded of their roles as mentors and parents to take care of physical and mental health of their wards.

Corper Nwambaekwe Uchenna Joy undertook the same task of sensitizationing on physical and mental health while Corper Agu Chidiebere elaborated on the dental health of the young people.

Corper Joy Addressing the students


    Goal 4 of the SGDs

    Education in Nigeria is the dream of every young child. Every parent wants their child to be educated. This in turn puts pressures on schools to produce the best of students each year. The willingness to learn should be put in the minds of young people, the desire to do research on their own, to fight for their goals and aspirations. 

    Every young person has the right to get the basic education he needs to make him literate; to read and write. knowing how to read and write propels the person to pursue any dream of the person’s choice.

    • The students in Kabba needed to be reminded on the need to take their academics serious.
    • Teachers in Kabba needed to he reminded of their roles in building up the younger generation in Nigeria.
    • The students in Kabba needed to be reminded on their roles as people who will set the futures for themselves.

    Corper Omotoso Bukola talked on the insufficiency of the education system in Nigeria. He urged the students to forge life for themselves. Corper Agu Chidiebere asked the young boys and girls to make personal time-table for private studies.

    Students of the school

    At the end of the program, the principal was impressed and the students were energised and motivated. The principal encouraged the group to come back for return visit. she prayed for the group and wish the group well.

    Corps members with the school principal and students after the sensitization