​One reference work defines the term “Diligence” as conscientious or determination or preserverance when doing something.
The Merriam Webster dictionary added these features to being diligent or diligency “Earnestness”, Energetic effort, Painstaking.

With this background understanding to be diligent at our Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) as corp members can simply be seen as care or efforts put in place, sometimes Painstakingly to the accomplishment of a particular tasks given to us at any establishment.

This can truly be a daunting or challenging task due to obvious reasons which includes among others;

1. Low financial motivation: This is from the federal government while at some states and Places of Primary Assignment, it is non existent. Show me a man who feels seriously underpaid for his services and i will show you one who might stop giving his all at that workplace.

2. A case of Alice in wonderland: In our wildest imaginations, some of us never envisioned coming to the state or locality to serve (i know i didn’t). so it follows that adaptation process could be difficult and this could have a toll or effect on one’s work habits.

3. Nagging boss: Amidst the discomforts, your boss is also rubbing off his/her own style of insensitivity towards one’s plight, at the end, relationship are a little strained, one starts counting months and days left to leave their new surrounding which is increasingly becoming “Hell’s kitchen” to them. Of course we can safely say this won’t have a positive impact on job performance.

These and more will obviously dampen spirits and lower morale.

This is the reality for some corp members, but you are herr serving, there is no going back Ladies and gentlemen. The NYSC scheme is not exactly a work in the park, it could be challenging, tiring, frustrating. No wonder someone tagged a new meaning to NYSC as “Now Your Suffering Continue”. Though hilarious but there is an iota of truth in that.

But everyday we sing the NYSC anthem, pledging to serve “under the sun and in the rain”, “you dedicate yourselves selflessly”. in a different vocabulary you’re promising to be diligent at your PPA, so to such promise to be true, lets give it our best shot, after all it happens just once right?

Some ways that can done is, appearing to work early, feel among, be totally part of the process, you could also engage yourselves with more work if allowed to and also act like you will be there forever and not just a passer-by having a brief stop.

i guarantee you, promise you that there are loads of benefits, but we will take a few.

1. Developing skills and character: if ee give our all, we’re developing skills and character that will be helpful in our future work environment. Truth be told we won’t always have everything our way, but how we cope with our social, work environment with it many challenges now, to a large extent will determine how well we will cope going forward.

2. Inner reward: We will feel rewarded, there is a particular form of deep seated joy that springs up from within us because we are sure or believe that we are giving our all…. you will know that feeling too.

At the end, we will be like the proverbial Agama Lizard, who says “if no one praises him for his feat he has accomplished, jumping from such heights, he will praise himself“.

So what if the federal government, states and PPA don’t seem to appreciate you much? we can also nod and say “I DID MY BEST SERVING MY COUNTRY”, there is no better feeling or sense of accomplishment than that.


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