It’s that time of the month again, everyone is waiting for alert like

na so so sms from airtel

When they say Ajaokuta and Idah peeps are already getting alert

issit alphabetic order ni??

When Ecobank and Wema peeps gets alert first

Igara chicken

UBA peeps be like 

UBA and midnight alert are like 5 and 6

When you finally get alert 


And you hear skye bank peeps never see alert

Sorry oo

Then you remember there are only 4 banks in kabba

Na to go early be that

Getting to the bank by 7am and ATMs are off

what is going on?

when you later come back to see queue

ka shele?? 

Then you ask the very important question

amatyour back please  

When that person with “insufficient funds” keeps trying again

iss like you’re waiting for miracle

When someone goes to the ATM that doesn’t have a queue

We that are on queue come sleep here abi

That baba protecting his ATM pin like

Mind your business

When someone trys to jump queue

e-sir it appyas sontin is doing you

When it’s only that ATM that swallows card working

My life is in your hand

When you finally hear the “Srrrruuuuuu”

Yes lord!!!!

Then you see “Issuer or Switch Inoperative contact your bank”

Oh my goodness!!!!

So you decide to enter the banking hall

more queue again..

How corpers fill withdrawal slip

No time

When you finally reach the counter

Everything abeg

After coming back from Kabba market

It’s God that will judge you people

You trying to calculate how you spend the allowee

bhet i dinnor buy house na

Then you remember  you went to TeeKay


Then you start looking forward to next alert